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Ramesses Scented Infused Memory Foam Pillows Cooling Comforpedic Support 60x40cm | 4 Scents

$35.00 $69.00


  • Breathe and rest easily with the benefits of scents (the works of God)
  • Crumbled memory foam pillow with bamboo rich cover
  • Combines superior support of crumbled memory foam
  • Sleep well by relieving stress and tension
  • Natural allergen resistant properties
  • Get a wonderful full night’s rest with the comforting
  • Recline and relax in a tranquil, spa like oasis in your own bedroom
  • Pillow provides a blend of aromatic herbal essence for a serene and peaceful atmosphere
  • Reliable, comfortable and antibacterial effect




1 standard Pillow: 60 x 40 x 13cm

Brand: Ramesses


Scents to choose from

  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Green Tea
  • Eucalyptus




Cover: 40% Bamboo / 60% Polyester

Filling: Memory Foam


Cover Care Instructions:

Cover Machine Washable not exceed 30C

Do not bleach

Do not iron

Do not tumble dry


Made in China