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Ramesses Heated Electric Fitted Fleece Underlay | Machine Washable Thermal Heat | Super Warm Topper

$109.00 $252.00

This electric blanket will keep you warm and comfortable all winter long.

The new smart control features a 10 step heating. With manually adjustable temperature that suits every ones individual needs. The automatic adjustable control will heat up on high for the first hour, then adjust itself down to a comfortable level. It can also be adjusted manually if necessary. The electric blanket features an automatic 10 hour cut off switch. The Queen/King quilt feature dual controls. Each port can be adjusted separately for individual comfort. This electric blanket will automatically switch off if overheating. It can be reset at power point. In event of fluctuating voltage, it will automatically shut down. This blanket comes with a 2 Year Warranty




2 Year Warranty

Smart Control (Dual controllers)

10 Steps heating

Machine washable

Automatic 10 hours Cut Off Switch

Automatic adjustable control

Overheat protection

Time setting

Queen & King size dual control

2 Year Warranty



Queen: 150*188*50 cm fitted skirting

King: 178*200c*50 cm fitted skirting

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