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Marino Plush 100% Natural Latex 9 Zone Silver Ion 36cm Mattress | 360 Degree Ventilation Cooling Medium Firm Hypo Allergenic Bed Matrress | 2 Sizes

$539.00 $1,348.00

The Bedra Bedding Euro Top Mattress is the epitome of luxurious sleep, with its 36cm thickness and exceptional build qualities. Made with 9 substantial core layers, an independent coil system with 6-turn spring coils, 7 zonal body supports, and topped with a silver-ion knitted fabric, this mattress provides allergy-free rest for a more restful night's sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated each morning with Bedra Bedding Euro Top Mattress - say goodbye to morning grogginess and hello to unparalleled comfort with every 40 winks.

Note: For health and hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns for refunds or exchange for pillows, quilts, toppers, mattress protectors and mattresses unless they are faulty or not as ordered. In the unlikely event the mattress is not to your satisfaction, please contact us to help resolve the issue.

36cm thick mattress
Premium silver ion knitted fabric
100% natural latex foam
9-layer structure
Genuine Euro Top quilting
Medium-firm support
6-turn coil system
Independent pocket spring system
7 body zones support - Full support for your body
Hypo-allergenic material
Dust mite and mould resistant
360° ventilation
Stitched side handles
Reinforced edging
Note: Please allow up to 48 hours for the rolled mattress to expand to 100% of its full size.
We advise that you do not sleep or sit on the mattress during this time to ensure it fully expand to its correct size.

Brand: Bedra Bedding
Size: Double / Queen / King
Number of coils: 609 / 768 / 868
Firmness: Medium-Firm
Thickness: 36cm
Colour: Grey
Double: 189cm x 137cm x 36cm
Queen: 203 x 153 x 36cm
King: 203 x 183 x 36cm
Assembly required: No
Warranty: 15 years
Note: Product comes in one vacuumed-packed package.