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Premium Cast Iron & Steel Ornate Design Garden Bench | Outdoor Backyard Garden Bench | 2 Models - 2 Colours

$159.00 $263.00
Step into a bygone era of elegance and tradition with the Livsip Outdoor Vintage Bench. Its intricate design and meticulous craftsmanship exude beauty and grace, with every line and motif carefully displayed. Made with powdered-coated cast metal and featuring bird pattern etchings, this bench perfectly replicates the construction materials of the past. The smooth bronzish finishing adds to its vintage appeal, while also providing weatherproof and corrosion-resistant properties for outdoor use. And it doesn't stop there - this bench can also be used indoors as a unique and conversation-starting piece. With enough space for three people and a weight capacity of 260kg, it is both functional and comfortable with its supportive armrests and backrest. The Livsip Outdoor Vintage Bench is truly exquisite and a must-have for any garden or outdoor setting. Get yours today.

Seats 2 to 3
Sturdy construction
Decorative vintage style
Exquisite bird pattern etchings
Powder-coated metal finish
Moisture-resistant and rust-resistant
Supportive armrests and backrest
260kg weight capacity
Indoor or outdoor use
Brand: Livsip
Material: Cast iron back, steel frame and steel seat
Bench size: 127cm x 52cm x 81cm
Seat length: 119cm
Seating capacity: Up to 3
Surface coating: Powder coated
Weight capacity: 260kg
Style: Vintage
Assembly required: No
Number of packages: 1
Warranty: 1 year
Colour: Black or Bronze
Livsip Outdoor Garden Bench x1 Assembly Instructions x1