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Luxore Ultra Premium Hydroflow Hydronic Heating Blanket | Natural Heated Topper Underlay | 2 Sizes

$319.00 $658.00

Offering superior warmth, the Dreamaker Hydronic Heating Blanket is a luxurious way to warm up your bed before settling in for a good night's sleep. Lofty and made of quality microfibre, our bedding is Purafresh treated and offers anti-microbial and anti-dustmite protection for the whole family. Made from 100% cotton topping, this is a natural fabric that is highly durable, breathable, and extremely comfortable. The heat has long been known to help relieve pains associated with joint ache, and similar to a warm compress, the Dreamaker Hydronic Heating Blanket is there to provide heat and warmth where you need it most. The heat generated from electric blankets or heating pads would reduce tightness in the muscles, causing them to relax and leaving you to sleep easily all night long. Available in both queen and king sizes, the Dreamaker Hydronic Heating Blanket is suitable for all bedding sizes.


  • Achieve superior warmth
  • High lofty
  • Made of quality microfibre and cotton
  • Purafresh treated
  • Provides heat and warmth where you need it most


  • Cover( with zipper):
    • Top: 100%Cotton 40*40/110*85+90gsm polyester,250gsm polyester filling,30x30cm quilting
    • Base: 90gsm polyester+100gsm polyester filling+50gsm nonwoven, diamond quilting
    • heating Pad: silicone water pipe, 20-65°c
    • Skirt: 40cm polyester


  • Queen - 203 cm x 152cm
  • King - 203cm x 182 cm


  • White

Made in China.

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