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Super High Quality Granite Stone Composite Kitchen Sink in Black or White | Kitchen Laundry Granite Sinks | Round | Square | Rectangular

$139.00 $334.00


Discover the Welba Granite Sink, crafted from a unique composite of 80% granite and 20% natural resin with a smooth, burnt-wood finish. Its robust design offers enhanced wear, scratch, and corrosion resistance, as well as oil-proof, anti-bacterial, anti-discolouring and food-grade safety. Enjoy its easy-to-clean lotus-leaf effect, plus a deep bowl design and R15 corners for efficient dishwashing and meal prep. The sink is soundproofed with thickened, sound-deadening pads for whisper-level noise, providing supreme comfort. Moisture-absorbing and anti-splash qualities leave the sink dry after use, and the Watermark-certified 304 stainless steel waste strainer keeps all plumbing functioning smoothly. Easily fit the Welba Granite Sink in flush mount, under mount, or drop-in mount for a perfect addition to your kitchen. Buy one today.

Granite stone composite
Wear and scratch-resistant
Oil-proof and waterproof
Eco-friendly, lead-free and food-grade material
Up to 280℃heat resistant
Delicate R10 corners
Drop-in mount, flush mount, and under mount
Watermark-certified 304 stainless steel waste strainer
Easy to clean

Brand: Welba
Material: 80% granite stone,20% natural resin
Corner: R10 rounded corners
Installation: Drop-in mount, flush mount, and under mount
Waste strainer outer diameter: 114mm
Waste strainer inner diameter: 90mm
Sink waste pipe fitting: 50mm + Watermark Certified Strainer
Number of packages: 1
Warranty: 5 years

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Very sturdy, excellent finish and great size