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Teddy Boucle 6 Turn Coil Spring Medium Firm 16cm Mattress | Full Body Support Ventialted Hypo Allergenic Mattress | 5 Sizes

$149.00 $373.00
Bedra Bedding is known for providing exceptional mattresses that prioritize comfort, luxury, and precise finishing. The Teddy Boucle Bonnel Spring Mattress is considered one of the highest-quality Bonnel spring mattresses available, and for good reason. It features a 7-layer design that combines the benefits of Bonnell coil springs with various other advanced mattress technologies. This results in superior sleep quality, proper spinal alignment, and pressure point relief, allowing for restful nights with minimal disruptions. The precisely calibrated 6-turn coil system offers the perfect blend of firmness and softness, making this medium-firm mattress a comfortable choice for all types of sleepers. The Mattress features a luxurious textured Boucle fabric finish on its sides, adding to its opulence and elegance. It is also certified by OEKO-TEX and CertiPUR, meeting all international standards for quality and safety. With reinforced edging, hypo-allergenic and dust, mite, and mold resistance, as well as all

NOTE: The mattress comes in a vacuum-packed packaging and requires 24 hours to fully expand to its desired shape.

CertiPUR certification
Oeko-Tex standard
Premium knitted fabric and boucle fibre
Medium-firm support
6-turn coil system
Bonnell spring system
Full body support
Hypo-allergenic material
Dust mite and mould-resistant
360° ventilation
Reinforced edging

Brand: Bedra Bedding
Size: Single / King Single / Double / Queen /King
Firmness: Medium-Firm (6.0)
Colour: White
Thickness: 16cm
Single: 91cm x 189cm x 16cm
King Single: 107cm x 203cm x 16cm
Double: 137cm x 189cm x 16cm
Queen: 153m x 203cm x 16cm
King: 183m x 203cm x 16cm
Assembly required: No
Warranty: 15 years
Note: Product comes in one vacuumed-packed package.

Bedra Bedding Bonnell Spring Mattress x 1