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Set of Two Space Saving Bed Frame Storage Drawers | Wheel Slider Timber Trundle for Wooden Bed Frame Base in White

$109.00 $249.00

Introducing the ultimate storage solution for maximizing space and organization in your bedroom Oikiture Under Bed Drawers! This innovative and practical addition to your home provides a discreet and convenient storage option right under your bed.

Designed with functionality and style in mind, these under bed drawers effortlessly transforms wasted space into a valuable storage area. It seamlessly fits underneath most standard bed frames, taking advantage of the often overlooked area beneath your mattress.

With its sturdy construction and smooth-gliding wheels, accessing your belongings has never been easier. The drawers effortlessly rolls in and out, allowing you to effortlessly retrieve items without the hassle of bending or lifting heavy objects. Whether you need extra space for clothing, bedding, shoes, or even seasonal items, the drawers have you covered.

Installation is a breeze, just simple assembly and they¡¯re ready to slide under your bed frame! It's a perfect solution for small apartments, dorm rooms, or any space where optimizing storage is a priority.

Don't let valuable space go to waste - unlock the full potential of your bedroom with the Under Bed Drawer. Experience the convenience, organization, and tidiness that comes with this essential storage solution. Order your Oikiture Under Bed Drawers today and discover a clutter-free and beautifully organized living space like never before!

Under bed storage drawers
Comes in a set of two
Smooth wheels
Space saver
Easy assembly

Brand: Oikiture
Material: MDF
Colour: White
Outer dimensions: 91cm x 47cm x 17.5cm
Interior dimensions:85cm x 44cm x 12.5cm
Assembly required: Yes
Number of packages:1

Oikiture Under Bed Drawers x 2
User Manual x 1