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2000TC Bamboo Cooling Sheet Set | Hypo-Allergenic Breathable Summer Sheets | 5 Sizes - 9 Colours

$35.00 $104.00


  • Bamboo fibres are breathable, cooling and eco-friendly
  • Highly absorbent and soft
  • Naturally anti-bacterial & hypoallergenic
  • Including a fitted sheet with 40cm wall, flat sheet, and two pillowcases
  • 2000 thread count – bamboo (35%) /polyester (65%) blend
  • Great sheets for coming spring/summer months to regulate your body temperature as you sleep.
  • Brand: Ramesses



Single Size

  • Fitted sheet: 91cm x 193cm x 40cm
  • Flat sheet: 180cm x 254cm
  • 1xPillowcase: 48cm × 73cm


King Single Size

  • Fitted sheet: 107cm x 203 x 40cm
  • Flat sheet: 200cm x 260cm
  • 1xPillowcase: 48cm x 73cm


Double Size

  • Fitted sheet: 137cm x 193cm x 40cm
  • Flat sheet: 228cm x 254cm
  • 2xPillowcases: 48cm x 73cm


Queen Size

  • Fitted sheet: 153cm x 203cm x 40cm
  • Flat sheet: 240cm x 260cm
  • 2xPillowcases: 48cm × 73cm


King Size

  • Fitted sheet: 183cm x 204cm x 40cm
  • Flat sheet: 270cm x 264cm
  • 2xPillowcases: 48cm × 73cm

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