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Luxore Premium Bamboo and Copper Infused Healthy Mattress Protector | Fitted Bamboo Copper Breathable Matress Protector | 5 Sizes

$49.00 $99.00

Sleep soundly atop your eco-friendly copper & bamboo mattress topper. Approx. 33% of your life is spent sleeping - maximize it! Adapt your current mattress to your comfort with a simple sheet-like topper. Relieve joint pain and pressure point aches. Enjoy its comforting coziness, perfect for chilly winter nights. Invest in a mattress topper - avoid purchasing a new mattress altogether! Indulge in a deep, restful sleep that will leave you refreshed for the day ahead.

Key Features
Bamboo with copper infusion
Breathable and comfortable
Anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial
Do not bleach or tumble dry
Wash your cover below 40°C

Brand: Dreamz
Material: Copper fibre, Bamboo fibre, Polyester
Single: 188cm x 91cm (L x W)
Double: 188cm x 137cm (L x W)
Queen: 203cm x 152cm (L x W)
King: 203cm x 183cm (L x W)
King single: 203cm x 107cm (L x W)
Colour: Charcoal grey