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Gardeena Tunnel Style Large Outdoor Greenhouse | Vegetable Growing Walk In Greenhouse | 3 Sizes

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This Livsip Greenhouse is the perfect solution for your gardening needs. Its strong steel construction and galvanised steel tube frame provide enhanced durability and stability, while its 140g/cm? PE cover and insectproof mesh windows protect against the elements. Plus, no tools are needed for easy assembly. Enjoy growing vegetables in a warm, safe, and secure environment.



Sturdy steel construction

Galvanised steel tube frame

140g/cm? PE cover

Double sized roll-up door

Two entrances

Roll-up buckles

Double-ended zippers

Insect-proof nets

12 mesh windows

4 diagonal poles

3 top beams

Guy ropes and pegs

No tools needed for assembling



Frame: Galvanised steel tubes

Tube thickness: 0.5mm

Tube diameter: 19mm

Cover: 140g/cm?PE

Overall dimensions:

Medium 3M x 32M x 2M

Large: 4M x 3M x 2M

Extra Large: 6M x 3M x 2M


Assembly required: Yes

Number of packages: 2



Livsip Tunnel Greenhouse x 1

Assembly Instruction x 1

Guy rope x 4

Gloves x 1 pair

Peg x 8