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Luxore Dream Premium Medium Firm Enhanced 6-turn Coil System Spring Mattress | 4 Sizes

$149.00 $229.00
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No matter how hard you work, you need quality sleep. Our 6-turn coil system spring mattress features a pocket spring design to provide superior support while reducing any potential heat build-up. Foam mattresses can trap heat, while spring mattresses are better at regulating your temperature for an all-night rest. Additionally, spring mattresses may be a better option for those who are heavier, as they provide a comfortable bounce that foam mattresses can’t. Choose from single, king single, double, queen, and king sizes to find the best fit for you. Once your mattress arrives, let it breathe and expand for 48 hours before using. Sleep soundly, wake refreshed, and live your best life.

Key Features
Bonnellspring mattress
Enhanced6-turn coil system
Quick rebound and multi-point support
Stitched handles
Reinforced corners
Vacuum packed – Roll-out and wait 48 hours before using
Material: Fabric + Sponge + Coil Springs
Firmness: Medium (5.0)
Thickness: 18cm
Single: 190cm x 91cm. 216 springs
King single: 203cm x 106cm. 260 springs
Double: 188cm x 138cm. 312 springs
Queen: 203cm x 153cm. 390 springs
Colour: White